Bboymap : Map breakdance

As its name suggests, is bboymap map dedicated to breakdance.

Carte de visite-bboymap.3Why a map?

Just because breakdancing is now an international culture even if born in the Bronx. Indeed, today bboys and bgirls around the world and across the site bboymap was designed to easily locate them on the globe encountered .

He includes several maps depicting the most famous country for b- boying . Mention Europe , Asia , America , Africa and Oceania. Each crew and saved spot is shown on the maps by small colored dots.

That come with the card ?

The interactive site maps bboymap has many indicators while indicating the existence of a group to a particular address. Similarly, the recorded spots shown on the maps to locate the person who created it, bboymap. These indicators are designed to one side help users in their research and another to allow crews and inventors spots to get in touch . To view the areas indicated by the pointers , simply click on it.

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