Casumo unveils a new way to play slots

Casumo is back in the spotlight and once again for all the good reasons. The casino has invested so Casumo-Logo-POS-RGB-e1358353285218much time and resources in creating a unique gaming experience, that the outcome is hardly a surprise.

When you open account here, you feel like stepping inside a special gambling operator, which strays a little bit from the standard setup.

Once players get in the mood for gambling, they can start playing their games in a format that is only available here.

Innovation has always been one of the strong suits of this online casino and this is not something likely to change anytime soon. The Reel Races change all that for those who have a real money account but players who spend virtual currency are also welcomed with open arms. At the end of the day, these changes encourage players to make the transition and make the first deposit. Even risk-averse players will eventually give into temptation and start chasing those real money winnings.

The fact that the casino invites players to enjoy slots an entirely different way is just the natural evolution from their gambling philosophy.

Whenever players focus on a slot machine, they will collect points and various boosters whenever they win around. Victories have a two-pronged effect, on one hand consolidating bankrolls and on the other allowing players to earn points.

These are different from the comp points collected by players in the long run and allowing them to move up the leaderboard.

Daily races keep players at the edge of their seats and encourage them to explore as many slot machines as possible. The best part about participating in a slot machine tournament is that you don’t compete only against the random number generator.

The toughest opponents are actually your peers, who are well versed in the art of playing these games. You still need to beat the RNG, which is not easy to do but at the same time you need perfect bankroll management to outshine human opponents.

Points and boosters make it easy for players to quantify their progress and also evaluate the success of their gambling session. The Casumo Reel Races don’t keep you in front of the computer for many hours in a row, so you can participate even if you have a busy schedule. The purpose of this promotion is to appeal even to those who strongly believe that time is of the essence and committing too much time to gambling is a waste.

Whenever players participate in this promotion, the leaderboard will change and it is worth paying attention to these details. The top-notch in gaming experience is unmatched here and the same advantages are enjoyed by those who gamble on mobile devices. In the long run, it is recommended not to make compromises and focus on those games that you truly appreciate.

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