Three more slots trigger a flurry of free spins at Circus Casino

Some of the best slot machines introduced by Circus Casino in 2015 went unnoticed, simply because there were plenty of great titles released.

It is hard to keep up with all the news, but during the winter holiday, players are particularly interested in what the online casino adds to its collection.

This December, they got additional reasons to be enthusiastic, because free new slot machines are going to change their lives for the better if they spin their reels.

What these three releases promised to offer is a higher number of free spins than offered before and their target is the community of mobile gamblers. These are the players who have emerged as the most active ones this year and it is very likely that the number will continue to grow.


The online casino is rewarding the loyalty of existing players and also provides them with the incentive to make the transition to this modern type of gambling.

In a nutshell, if you are ready to shift from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets and play these three games, you will find that the number of free spins you receive are significantly higher. The convenience of playing these games on the Netent touch platform is just the icing on the cake, because the ice cold cash is the catalyst for this transition.


Big Bang, Twin Spin and Fruit Shop have gained an extraordinary reputation this year and for good reason, even before the free spins were announced.

These games have 243 winning combinations and there are plenty of wild and scatter symbols to discover and boost paychecks. Regular free spins are also awarded, so at the end of the day is not exactly the size of the investment but luck that determines your success when playing the slot machines.

Obviously, the idea is to encourage as many players as possible to play on mobile devices and make them their primary gadgets for enjoying slot machines. Circus Casino is not going to punish those who prefer to stick to their traditional desktops or don’t have a smart phone or tablet. They will be able to play the same games here for as long as they like and still be eligible for free spins, even if fewer than mentioned above.

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