Urban art : how it learns ?

Can we learn urban art ? Yes thanks to this site!

1005349_162036030649310_809052951_nHow does it work ?

Learn through urban art streetmap.com possible. How ? Reading the painting techniques that artists have kindly reveal to us in their biographies, street art.

Such as the urban art tells us a bit more about what this area really requires its followers and attention, it is in no one brainwashing scare . Through tutorials and published works, you can improve your style or inspire you as well as note – street art is not learned, Lonac.

That is to say ?

There is no specific study to become a pro street art because as its name suggests, is acquired fingered in the street. The only basis to have is a sense of observation. Once you have this ability , bombs and brushes slide themselves on the walls. This means that even if the artists will unveil their secret , the trick is not to copy but to be inspired to shape your own methods .
Precisely why this site ?
Because it is not viewed from a site jewelery or lingerie that you will understand what urban art . Therefore, to inform you a little about this area and discover the latest , nothing better than streetmap.com .

A site that focuses on graffiti all over the world regardless of their style and their principles. In addition, it is on this page you can get an idea of ​​what looks like a graffiti of interest. It should be noted that there has tags that just consist of words slightly distorted while graffiti tags and include abstract designs . It is always necessary that the author brings his personal touch.

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